Inventocean Technologies



Inventocean Technologies is an Engineering consulting company dedicated to developing Floating solar technology and are providing Mooring and Anchoring solutions to their clients for Floating solar projects. They required a website which would provide details of all services provided by them and would increase their visibility amongst the targeted customers across territories along with elegant and dynamic user interface. They also wanted that customers should be able to see Inventocean’s website on Google when they search for relevant services and reach out to their office when required.

Digital Marketing Solutions Provided

  • I developed a responsive website for Inventocean covering details of their services, blogs, webpages on technology and more. Further, the website has a Linkedin link through which the customer can reach the Linkedin account of Inventocean. I have also provided a Watt app chat link on their website through which customers can connect online.
  • Next, their website was listed on Google My Business and Google Maps. Now whenever a customer searches for related services on Google, they will find Inventocean’s website. They can also reach out to Inventocean’s using Google Maps.
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